You will notice the Laveen Ranch Community will have a fresh "make-over" in the next couple weeks. All of the Community's wrought iron fences and cement walls will be painted. In addition, those areas with water and calcium stains will be power-washed.

The Board of Directors has chosen EmpireWorks to complete this project for the Association. EmpireWorks has been in business since 2002 and have local operations in five states, they only hire employees and not "independent contractors." The company is fully licensed and insured, so you can be assured of quality and high-skilled workmanship.


EmpireWorks' crew will clearly mark the areas where work is being performed for your safety. Notifications will be placed as door-hangers at your home a few days prior to work being completed and will include a toll-free hotline number to contact them with any questions, as well as a web-site to enable you to keep informed of the progress of the entire Community project.


Additionally, if you are interested in EmpireWorks painting the concrete walls inside your own home property, they have offered a special discounted rate of .43 cents per square foot and will provide all necessary materials, paint, and equipment to complete your own property. If you are interested, simply call or email us and we will put you in contact with our Account Manager at EmpireWorks.


If you are a "do-it-yourself" person, then, Royer Association Management has negotiated with your local Sherwin Williams paint store to offer a discounted rate to you as a Laveen Ranch homeowner to purchase your paint and supplies. The color code to match your cement walls is B42WJ8953 (Arizona Flat). Please remember that the hot, desert heat often fades the original color of the wall and may look slightly brighter upon completion. Sherwin Williams also recommends surface preparation of power washing prior to painting.


We look forward to working with the EmpireWorks team to complete this project in the Laveen Ranch Community and hope you will be proud of their results throughout your neighborhood. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email.

We're excited to announce an easier way to submit your Design Request changes with our new Online Architectural Form.


When you are ready to paint your home or make landscape changes, simply complete the easy-to-use Online Form.  You may attach diagrams, plans, color pictures and send them right to us!  Then, easily sign it with your signature!


We receive an immediate notification of your Architectural Request and we will electronically submit to the Architectural Committee for review.


It's just another way that we try to make your life a little easier as a Laveen Ranch homeowner!

The Board of Directors agreed unanimously at the March 24, 2015 Homeowners Association Meeting to amend the Community’s Design Guidelines to state the following landscape requirements for each homeowner lot:


Each residential lot in the Crossroads and Laveen Ranch subdivisions will be required to have at least the following minimal plants as part of their front landscape:


A quantity of (6) – five gallon plants for smaller lots and (9) – five gallon plants for larger lots in the Community; minimum of 4 feet high which will be “tastefully and evenly distributed” in the front landscape.


Homeowners will be required to have this minimal landscape completed no later than October, 2016.


To review the entire Association's Design Guidelines, please click here.


We now are able to email a *PDF statement to you each month with your current HOA assessment balance and payments. 


If you have previously agreed to receive electronic-only communication from the Association, you will begin automatically receiving the email with your *PDF statement on a monthly basis.


If you have not previously signed-up, you may click here to agree to paperless only statements from the Association.


We are excited to offer this new and easy way to begin receiving your HOA statements and we look forward to making your life a little easier and reducing the paper mail to your mailbox!


The parks are a great family amenity here in Laveen Ranch!  We'll do our part to ensure they are always safe and clean.  You just enjoy the fun with your family!

The Architectural Committee and the Board of Directors reviewed and approved this updated version of the Association's Architectural Design Guideline.


We hope you will take the time to carefully review these important guidelines.


If you plan to make any changes to the outside exterior of your home, please remember to submit an Architectural Design Review Request Form to Royer Association Management.  The Committee and Board-members will review these requests and will reply with a response to you within 30 days.

Trash pickup is scheduled for each Thursday in the Laveen Ranch Community.


The City of Phoenix provides a link to the Trash Pickup Schedule and how the holidays affect your trash pickup with the Holiday Schedule.


The City of Phoenix provides a link to the 2015 Bulk Trash Schedule.


To report any issues with street sweeping, call the City of Phoenix at 602-262-7194.

Although the Association's CC&R's do not prevent parking on the street, we would ask that you consider using your driveway instead of parking on the street.  It is often difficult for other homeowenrs to drive down the street, as well as the Fire Department or other emergency vehicles to respond to an emergency, if cars are parked on the street in front of your home.


Thank you for your willingness to consider your neighbors by asking your guests to park in your driveway.


The HOA meeting scheduled for October 27th has been cancelled.

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We always appreciate knowing right away if you see a maintenance concern, a water leak, or observe graffiti within the common areas of the Community. 


Simply click here to let us know and we will follow-up on the issue right away!

We are only a click away!  If you have any questions regarding your HOA statement or payments, just email us and we'll respond to you right away!


Don't forget that you can always view updates to your account balance and all payments via the HOA Online PortalSimply click here to learn how to login to your HOA account.

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